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Discover the 2024 All-In-One Digital Planner: Syncs with Apple/Google Calendar, Apple Reminders, and Notifications. Enjoy a tactile paper-like feel for a seamless planning experience. Stay organized and productive in 2024 – Order yours now!

This planner includes:
-Monthly, weekly, and daily view
-Ability to track goals
-Habit tracker
-Finance + expense tracker
-Yearly & monthly review
-12 custom sections
-12 paper templates
-Any many many more, see description below.

This is the ultimate all-in-one digital planner and is great for using on your iPad/table on apps such as GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, and other PDF annotation app.

Product Specifications

Introducing the 2024 All-In-One Planner, a meticulously crafted organizational tool designed to seamlessly integrate with your digital life. This cutting-edge planner goes beyond traditional scheduling by offering Apple and Google Calendar Integration, ensuring that your plans are effortlessly synchronized across all your devices. With the added convenience of Apple Reminder integration, the 2024 All-In-One Planner becomes your comprehensive solution for staying on top of tasks, events, and deadlines. Experience a new level of efficiency as you manage your schedule with precision and ease.

  • US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches / 22 x 28 centimetres)

  • Approximately 15 MB - 20 MB

The 2024 Life Planner

This planner has been seamlessly integrated with Apple & Google Calendar + Apple's reminder feature. On both the weekly and daily pages, each day is linked to calendar and reminder settings, allowing you to easily set up notifications and reminders for any day. Stay ahead of your schedule and never miss an important task or appointment with this convenient feature.

7 Themed Pack

In every color variation, you can choose between two starting options: either beginning your week on Sunday or Monday. You will get a total of 52 planners!

The weekly layouts

You have the flexibility to opt for either a boxed/horizontal weekly page or a todos/grid daily page layout, allowing you to tailor your planner to suit your individual preferences and organizational needs.

Complete list of templates

Yearly Templates
  • Undated calendar (6weeks)
  • Yearly vision board
  • Yearly plan
  • Yearly finance
  • Yearly life goals
  • A year in the life
  • Key dates
  • Year at the glance
Monthly Templates
  • Monthly calendar
  • Monthly vision board  
  • Monthly plan
  • Monthly goals
  • Monthly review
  • Monthly finance tracker
  • Monthly expense tracker
  • Monthly habit tracker
Finance Templates
  • Subscription tracker
  • Saving goal tracker
  • Debt payoff
  • No spend challenge
  • Debt snowball tracker
Nutrition Templates
  • Weekly meal plan
  • Monthly meal plan
  • Grocery list
  • Kitchen inventory
  • Recipe log
  • Food diary
Lifestyle Templates
  • My 100 list
  • One page journal
  • Event planner
  • Trip planner
  • Routine planner
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Bucket list
  • Movie watchlist
  • Show watchlist
  • Reading list
  • Book review
  • Password tracker
  • Contact tracker
  • Order tracker
  • Birthday tracker
Wellbeing Templates
  • Daily workout plan
  • Weekly workout plan
  • Weekly workout log
  • Monthly workout plan
  • Fitness goals
  • Body progress
  • Progress in photos
  • 30 day challenge
  • 100 day challenge
  • Running/walking tracker
  • Period tracker
  • Mood tracker
Productivity Templates
  • Daily study plan
  • Weekly study plan
  • Weekly to-do list
  • Simple to-do list
  • Pomodoro planner
  • Smart goal setting
  • Long-term goals
  • Level 10 life
  • Eisenhower matrix
  • Meeting minutes
  • Project planner 
  • Project budget
12 Notes Templates
  • Narrow ruled lined
  • Lined with the left margin
  • Cornell lined with summary lined
  • Grid
  • Grid with the left margin
  • Cornell grid with summary grid
  • Dotted
  • Dotted with the left margin
  • Cornell dotted with summary dotted
  • Blank
  • Blank with the left margin
  • Cornell blank with summary blank